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  Light steel structure is a new type of structure developed on the basis of ordinary steel structure, which includes all the steel structures used under the light roof.
  Compared with common steel structure, it has better economic index. Light steel structure not only has light weight, low steel consumption and fast construction speed, but also has strong seismic ability, and can improve the comprehensive seismic performance of the whole building. At present, it is a kind of structure widely used in industrial plant.
  Light steel structure is composed of bottom beam, column, purlin, floor and wall.
  Portal frame is commonly used in single-storey light-weight houses.
  roof truss
  Space truss
  The way of portal frame
  The Way and Characteristic of Rigid Frame
  1. Using light roof can not only reduce the cross-section size of beam and column, but also reduce the root.
  2. The large double-slope roof which can be made into a roof in a multi-span building has created conditions for long-slope drainage. The middle column can reduce the span of the cross beam and reduce the cost. The middle column is articulated by steel pipe, which occupies a small space.
  3. The lateral stiffness of the rigid frame is guaranteed by purlin support, which eliminates the longitudinal rigid members and reduces the flange width.
  4. The rigid frame can adopt variable cross-section, which is proportional to the bending moment. When the cross-section is changed, the height and thickness of web and the width of flange can be changed according to the demand, so as to make the best use of the material.
  5. The web of rigid frame can be designed according to the effective width, that is to say, local web instability can be allowed and post-buckling strength can be applied.
  6. Vertical loads are usually designed as control loads, but when wind loads are large or buildings are high, the effect of wind loads should not be ignored. In portal frames with light roofs, earthquake action is usually not controlled.
  7. The support can be made heavy. The tensioned round steel can be used to connect it directly or with a degree joint plate on the web.
  8. Structural components can be manufactured in factories with a high level of industrialization. Component units can be divided according to transportation conditions. The units are connected by bolts in the field. The device is convenient and fast, and the amount of civil construction is small.
  Jinan Light Steel Structure
  Purlins: Purlins should be preferred to solid-web components, or open-web or lattice components. Purlins are usually single-span simple-supported members, and solid-web purlins are also continuous members.
  Open-web purlin: Open-web purlin is composed of upper and lower chords of angle steel and batten plate welding. Its main characteristics are less steel, small angle steel and thin steel plate can be used in reasonable days. Because the batch plate spacing is relatively close, the workload of assembly and welding is large, so its application is less.
  Lattice Purlins: Lattice Purlins can be planar truss purlins, space truss purlins and brace purlins.
  Purlin with solid web
  1. Channel purlin
  There are two kinds of purlin: ordinary channel steel purlin and light channel steel purlin. Ordinary channel purlin (Fig. a); because of the thicker section thickness, the strength can not be fully exerted, and the amount of steel used is larger. Although light channel purlin is improved compared with ordinary channel purlin, it is still not ideal.
  2. High frequency welding light H-section purlin; High frequency welding light H-section steel (hereinafter referred to as "light H-section steel") is a kind of light steel consumed by importing advanced foreign technology (Fig. b), which has the advantages of thin web, good bending stiffness, similar inertia moment in the direction of two spindles, and flange plate is flat and easy to connect.
  3. Cold-formed thin-walled purlin with crimped groove: The cross-section interchangeability of crimped groove (C-shaped) cold-formed thin-walled purlin (Figure C) is large, and it is widely used. It has less steel consumption and convenient manufacture and installation.
  4. Curled Z-shaped cold-formed thin-walled purlin: straight curled Z-shaped (Figure d) and oblique curled Z-shaped (Figure e e e). Its main plane X-axis has large stiffness, small deflection when used as purlin, less steel consumption and convenient manufacture and installation. The oblique rolled Z-shaped steel can also be stacked in stacks and occupy less space. When the roof slope is large, the purlin is widely used.
  Connection structure of purlin
  Purlin and roof should be firmly connected to ensure that the roof can prevent purlin lateral instability and change, which is particularly important for ordinary purlin without checking the overall stability.
  The self-tapping screw with rubber washer is suitable for the connection between purlin and profiled steel roof.
  Purlin tension bar and support rod: bolt connection is used for each other.
  Arrangement and Placement of Purlins on Roof Frames (Rigid Frames)
  1. Purlins should be located at the upper chord joints of roof truss in order to avoid bending moment of the upper chord. When using inner trench, side purlin should be as close as possible to the trench.
  2. The section of purlin with solid web should be perpendicular to the roof slope. For channel steel and Z-shaped sandalwood bar, it is advisable to orient the tip of upper flange limb (or rolled edge) towards the roof to reduce the torsion caused by eccentricity of roof load.
  3. The upper chord of truss purlin should be perpendicular to the upper chord of roof truss, while the web and lower chord should be perpendicular to the air.
  4. Ridge Purlin Plan: Real-bellied purlin should adopt double purlin plan. Roof purlin can be connected with channel steel, angle steel or round steel (see figure below). When truss purlin adopts purlin plan at roof, although steel consumption is less, purlin type increases and structure is complex, so double purlin is usually preferred.
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